Monday, March 2, 2009

I love young adults!

Friday night we drove to Portland and picked up my nephew. My oldest brother, Brad has a 23 year old son, Eric. Eric was in Portland for work and graciously made time to spend with us. I hadn't seen him in several years and have only ever seen him several times. He is a delightful person. He is bright and articulate and confident and interesting and a great hugger! I wish so much that he lived nearby.

We took Eric to Lewis & Clark College to pick up Heather. They had not seen each other in years but the connection was instant. They walked all over campus and talked and talked. Eric shows such an interest in what others have to say - it is a gift to those around him. I wanted to join in but decided to hold back because I want the family members of their generation to have a relationship with each other. It was clear that Eric and Heather would be friends even if they were not cousins. I wish that Andrew could have been there because he and Eric share many qualities and interests.

We invited Heather's boyfriend, Seth to join us for dinner and I am so glad we did that. He is another bright, articulate, confident, interesting young man. The three kids hit it off well and talked easily and endlessly with each other. We went to the Corbett Fish House, a great little place that features gluten-free food. Heather and Seth are both Celiacs and it is a treat for them to have fish and chips and even gluten-free cake for dessert! We shared a dozen oyster shooters and it was fun watching Heather and Eric have their first raw oysters - the meal was really good, even for those of us who can have gluten!

The evening was a treat for all of us. Driving home Sam and I commented on how cool it is that we can spend a Friday evening with two twenty-year olds and a twenty-three year old and have as much fun as we would with our own peers.

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