Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rising waters

Apparently the glaciers on Antarctica are melting faster than previously thought and by the time my kids are grandparents Los Angeles may be under water....
or something like that was reported to me part way through my latte at 6:15 this morning. Cheers-

So, the question of the we get a "reasonably priced" sports car...

or do we make the environmentally sound decision and get a hybrid?

Fortunately there is not a looming deadline that will require an immediate decision, but unfortunately this will allow many, many...(did I mention MANY) hours of researching and test-driving and dreaming.... but then again, like most things...the anticipation really is the best part.

I have always said that before I die I want to drive a sports car really, really fast in the Swiss Alps, or on a similarly winding road. I would love to be one of the drivers in the ads where they tell you they are on a closed course with a professional driver and the windows are such that you can't see the person driving...I love to go fast and I love to take corners fast in a good car that holds the road....gee, the sports car is sounding like a good idea to me! Heather asked me once, "If you could do anything in the world and not get in trouble, what would you do?" I told her I would drive 100 MPH. The next day, while going through Woodburn on I-5 at about 6:45 AM, I did it! I just went faster and faster, and the faster I went the happier the car seemed and I looked down and I was going 100.....

It was exhilarating!

So, if we make the environmentally sound choice is it going to solve the problem of melting glaciers? Will we resent every SUV and other gas-guzzling car that goes by us, (any more than we already do)? And besides, if the water is rising and our days are numbered, maybe it makes sense to satisfy that ultimate dream.....or not.

Or do we sell everything and go find a simple stone cottage someplace in Europe and slow our lives down about 50 years and live simply and peacefully for as long as possible? (I suppose we could park the sports car in the barn out back since we'll be that much closer to the Swiss Alps.....)

So much to consider....

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