Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cupid's day

It is Valentine's so I am wearing a red fleece and red socks in recognition of the day. We just tried the champagne truffles that came with the Pinot Noir that I ordered for the day...oh my, they are really, really good! Through Facebook I have re-connected with a high school classmate who I have not seen or talked to since 1978 - he is a winemaker and so I ordered his Valentine package and we have not been disappointed!

Today we are getting spells of sun, Sam calls them "sucker holes," and during one of those we took Rocky for a quick walk. By the time we got back home it was hailing.

An update on previous posts...the webcam I have watched obsessively for a year was out of order for a week and now, started up again it is pointed in a different direction. I can no longer watch the man who comes for a beer each day - I can't even see the tables. I wonder if somehow I got found out and they moved the camera so the old guy could have some privacy!

The jeans I ordered arrived but when the website said "these jeans run small so order up one size," they did not say order up a size from what...apparently they did not mean one size up from the inaccurately smaller size that many fine stores want you to think you wear - in that case it is necessary to order up 2 sizes! So, I have another, larger, pair on the way and I am trying to stretch out one of the pairs that came the other day. I wear them until I get light-headed and then change into something more comfortable.

The kids all seem happy- salmon for dinner and tapioca pudding for dessert - a chick flick to watch later is good.

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